Music Discovery

Music Discovery is a hot topic today and for good reason. Discovering new music that you like can be a wonderful experience for any music fan and wants to make it easy for you do discover great music.
On each artist page, we'll display a list of similar artists. You may have heard of all of them, or maybe not. If you click on the link for 'More Similar Artists', we'll take you to a page with a large listing of similar artists. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone new there.
Another way to discover new music, at least new music for you, is to search by genre or tags. Each artist page has a list of tags that help to define an artist. Of course, people have different opinions on how to classify music so you may not agree 100% on how we tag an artist, but give it a try and see what other artists share a particular genre.
We're making updates to our genre pages soon so that even more information about artists for a particular genre is available. Stay tuned!!!
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