Build Your Music Collection

Build your virtual music collection with Create a favorite artists collection by clicking the 'Add Favorites' button on an artist page or add as many as you like as fast as you can on your music profile page.

So, what does this really mean for you? When you add artists to your Favorite Artist collection or to your 'Now Currently Listening to' collection, you'll receive updates such as news stories, blogs, and more about that artist. All you have to do is go to your front page and new items are continuously updated and displayed for you.

Another advantage of creating a favorites list is quick access to the artist pages on your list. For example, what if you wanted to quickly listen to an artist's greatest hits via Spotify, you're only a couple of clicks away. Just click on the artist in your favorites list and then bring up the remote Spotify controller and hit play. Note, when you play Spotify tracks from, you're actually controlling the Spotify player itself. This way you can keep checking out different artists or page on while listening to your favorite music.

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