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At the heart of is the ability for you to create a feed based on your favorite artists. Your home page will show press headlines, blogs, tweets and more from the artists you choose.


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Check out videos, concert dates, biographies, news, social media, and more from thousands of artists. Want to keep up with your favorite artists? Many artists have their own feeds with new content arriving when it happens.


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Share items from your feed with friends or post something new. Tell everyone what's going on in your music world.


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Discover new music with by finding bands similar to your favorite artists. We also makes it easy to find great new artists within your favorite music genres.


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Save your favorite artists, albums, and songs so that they're only a single click away. Listen to your favorite musical artists' top hits on Spotify or entire albums of you're a Spotify member. also has feeds for many top genres. In addition to feeds, we also have new releases, current top albums and top songs. Check out some of our genres below or browse for hundreds more.